Privacy Policy


I believe strongly in the right to privacy on the Internet. I also would like to know how people use my site. I do not want to let any other people know that you are visiting my site unless you tell them yourself.


I only track you across this site,, and my professional site at the NSCL.

The “Do Not Track” flag can be set in most browsers. This tells websites that you do not want them to set third-party cookies. My site does not set any cookies from any other site (“third-party cookies”), so this site is not affected by the Do Not Track setting.


I record the date and time of your visit. I record the first half of your IP address, which shows me the general geographic area that you are accessing my site from. I don’t record the second half, which can more easily identify you.

I do record information about your operating system, browser, plug-ins, and display resolution. This helps me optimize my site for you. I also record the URL of the site that you clicked on to get to mine.

Privacy policies of my web hosts

This site is hosted by, whose privacy policy can be found here. Their policy doesn’t apply to my site, but it gives an indication of how strongly they support Internet privacy.

My professional site is hosted by servers at the NSCL. They don’t have a site-wide privacy policy, so I do not know what their servers log.

Data travelling across the Internet

You are connecting to my site without SSL encryption, so the entire site and any information you submit to it is received and transmitted by the host of my site, your own Internet Service Provider (ISP), and one more more other servers in between. Those servers or your ISP might store your IP, the time you accessed my site, and the site contents for an undetermined amount of time.

Opt Out of my tracking

If you don’t want me to know anything about your visit to my site (not even that it happened), simply follow the directions below. No hard feelings :)

Opt out of anybody tracking your IP

To ensure that you are opting out of all tracking and logging by everyone I’ve mentioned, I recommend that you access my site through a Tor proxy. This routes your communication through many other computers and finally out through another user’s computer, helping your browsing to be more anonymous.

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